What To Text a Woman

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Knowing what to text a woman isn’t any easier than picking up a conversation on the street. The problem with texting is there isn’t as much built-in support. If you do want to take an actual call or talk on the phone, there are a few different tricks that work well. Once you’ve got set up a date, texting can be easier, although it still requires a lot of restraint. You want to text a woman, but you don’t want to come across too needy.

The whole point of the texting stage is to set up a date

To have her thinking about you. The whole point is to create that attraction, that spark, that was missing before you met her. So how do you do that?

Well, the first thing to remember is that different women have different preferences. At the closest, she might like a certain amount of tact and honesty. At distant she might need you to bring her a freaking package. Then, some women want to banter among other women. If you want to get the woman away from her friends, you need to make her think it’s just between you. Talking about nothing with a group of friends, or trying to hit on her when she’s with others is a really bad idea.

Ok, so let’s say you’ve met a girl on Facebook. So you’ve got a bit of success. That initial start has helped fire up the attraction, and you’ve somehow made it into arranging a “first date.” What do you text the woman to arrange for the date?

Whether you are the one to ultimately arrange the date or not, your text messages can have a big effect on how the data comes out. For example, if you ask a girl out, and then she asks you “what do I bring to the date”, your best answer, “What do I want to do on the date?” Your text messages should be prepared before you ask her out. This is not to suggest the need to come up with a handful of topics you’ve carefully rehearsed. Your text messages should be somewhat vague and subject to change, yet they should be flexible enough to cater to her responses. You should have plans for the date, but wardrobe changes are not considered good form. This can create a lot of awkwardness on the date, and a lot of fidgeting. If you have a proper background and plan, you’ll have a boost in getting the lady into the date.

When you text a girl, you want to subtly communicate to her what you want to do on your date. You don’t want to come out and tell her in Your Mother’s Intelligent sounding voice, but you can Communicate With Intentions.

Anybody can work a conversation with a woman over text

You can find out what she likes, what she doesn’t like, and you can inquire about what she wants to do. Once you have this information – either directly or indirectly – you can work your magic with words.

Speaking of words, what are the keywords to use? When texting a girl, you want to keep your text communication balanced with positive and negative connotations. For example, you can drop a negative statement to create tension, or compliment her for a small thing that you notice about her. These little things will create excitement in her, and lead to the emotional state you want the girl to be in.

In attributing to the same logic, you can drop a positive statement and attract a girl. At first, you can easily slip a compliment, but you can also slip in a negative statement. This will impact the emotions she gets from you. Some girls can become emotional when they receive a negative statement, which is why they avoid guys that they associate with being negative. They don’t want anything from the guys they encounter, just their feelings. But you can send out a powerful message and have a ton of fun while you’re at it.

These are two very easy ways for you to make texting spark up in a girl. You don’t have to spend any more of your precious time on texting, but with your minimal actions, you can start building up attraction over text.

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