Tips on How to Have a Good Baby Shower

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Hosting a baby shower can be fun and exciting. However, if you have never done this before, it might feel a bit stressful. Take a few easy tips below to have a successful and enjoyable shower.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!

Make sure and plan your shower around the schedule of your guest. Usually, most baby showers are held 4-5 months before the baby is due. Of course, there are other considerations such as the parents’ schedule, but try to make sure to not schedule it too far in advance.

Don’t Forget Gifts!

A great hostess should have a few extra gifts on hand if you’re unable to read through the baby registry. It is good to know that you did not leave anyone out, but you certainly can’t blame the expecting parents when they get overwhelmed with all this information! So remember nothing is more important than making sure that you have as many other people as possible in the room that you’re hosting the baby shower for!

Keep it Small

This one is obvious, but it bears mentioning just in case it isn’t. Most baby showers these days are around twenty guests or even less! Make sure and plan your shower accordingly.

Make it Attractive

Remember what the average shower guest will remember after the party is over. Make everything they go home with as memorable as possible! And don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of games, it’s okay to skip some. People will be more than happy to help during the party, so it’s why having just one or two games is okay as well!

Monitor the long-gestating period of the mother’s health.

Prepare for these changes in a long term fashion. For example, ensure you have a food plan and not to prepare too much. Have a few snacks that the guests bring and know what to do if there’s a bathroom break.

If you weren’t planning to host a shower in the first place, don’t worry. There’s still an opportunity to make the shower successful. Since so many women are going through the trials of pregnancy or breastfeeding, there certainly are plenty of other women that want to help. So in the end, don’t stress over the shower. The day will come, and everything will be just fine, even if you had to do it without good preparation!

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