The Networks of Wood for Handcrafted Furniture

Wooden Handcrafted Furniture

For people who love furniture and love to dabble in the kind of crafting they do, woodworking can be a very rewarding experience. However, when you start looking around for materials for your project, it makes you cringe because you’re not sure (and who is going to tell you) what’s best for your project. You have several different options, all of them based on durability, strength, and aesthetic value. What you need to know, though, is that you can accomplish everything you want out of your woodworking project by using wood only.

Which wood options do you have

So, what exactly are you to do? As stated earlier, there are plenty of options when it comes to how to build with wood or, if your project calls for wood-based solutions, have a professional guide you through that process. The main thing you can do, however, is going to your local lumber store and take a look at what they have available in your area. Most of the time (and I say most of the time because some localities don’t even stock woodworking tools), the lumber store will have stock that has been cut from hardwoods like oak, cherry, and walnut. If not, they’ll usually simply be cut from something like ash, pine or maple. If you’re still interested in woodworking and you’re just looking for different options, then your local lumber store is the place to go.

Cherry, for instance, isn’t as hard as oak or walnut, but it is still a real hardwood (just like teak, for instance). You should be able to get a pretty good deal on a piece of cherry furniture if you’re willing to take your time, shop around and look for a well-finished item. You’ll be paying a premium for such furniture, but you’re going to end up with something very nice for your home.

Other things to consider

Now and then you’ll flip through the pages of your local craft book and wonder how someone expert enough to be in this business can make such beautiful, intricate, and durable furniture. Not too long ago, my husband and I went shopping at a store inuring their department of discount lumber. We were amazed at all the things they were able to make with wood. They’d surprised us when they started telling us about hardwoods and how skilled craftsmen can work with them. After we spent an entire day looking through their windows, we felt we’d learned enough for our workshop.

We made a platform bed with one eight-by-four-by-four-inch casing door that was raised about two inches off the ground. We stacked wood against the door for added strength and then screwed doors on top and bottom. Using wood planks, we made a top and bottom shelf for the bedroom. We then drilled some 3/8-inch holes in the slats that went through the platform, turned them into brackets, and screwed them to the frame in just one afternoon. We painted it something bright and made sure it was protected from the elements.

We then put birch laminate across the headboard outside the bed with cedar balls that were screwed to the top of the wood. On the approach of every night, we’d sneak in a magazine like a clock and flick through to read the newspaper. All these woodworking projects were done in just a few hours and were able to be used as chairs, a desk, and even an accent table. It was great to wake up and have a place to go and to spend time each night. While it’s easy to spend the entire day at the lake, it was great to go to sleep and have a quiet place to call your own, even if it was only for an hour or so.

If you’re going to take on a woodworking project, you need to think twice about what you’re doing. Always be safe, and you’ll always have a place to sit for hours and hours.

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