Party Favors – What Do I Need

Party Favors

Most of us attend parties for one or more reasons. Sometimes we go with a group of friends because we’re in a tight relationship, or we’re single and need company. Other times we want to take the time to connect with acquaintances – to make sure they like us as much as we like them! And then there are the birthday parties – we’re the birthday person! In this day and age, we need to provide our guests with a little something extra. That something extra is called a party favor to remind them of this memorable day.

Party favors are great when you’re trying to save money because the extra cost doesn’t matter. It is always nice to give guests a little something that will remind them of your event. It helps build special memories, so when you’re planning new parties, or do repurpose carryovers from a previous party, or get a hold of used but inexpensive party supplies, you’ll want to put some time and thought into finding just the right items to toss into an inexpensive party favor box. Keep in mind the following simple guidelines to help you along:

Start by deciding what you want to give your guests

This means all things considered – offer a selection of common items, such as cookies, small candies, bubble gum, key chains, mints (candy and mint veggie clips), small notebooks, soap, travel size baby wipes sets, a combination of those things or something small and specific like a pampering gift certificate.

Decide on a budget

This will have a lot to do with the decision whether you’ll buy new or use something you already own. Once you’ve made a basic decision of whether you’ll buy new or use a carryover or second-hand item, other decisions have to be made – such as the theme of your party and the number of people you’ll be entertaining. If you’re going for a specific theme (like Hawaiian), you’ll want to decide what kind of prizes you’ll need to complete your plan.

Understand your options

Here’s a general guide to party favors. Party favors are available in many forms and at many price points; it is up to you to decide what type you want, and then to find which particular version fits your budget and then to shop for the one that has the highest sentimental value. Make sure to know what your theme is before you make any final decisions.

Send your invitations and get ready for the party

It’s best to give out invitations a few weeks in advance to give your guests time to select their costumes and make other plans. Try to schedule your party during prime time – when most of your closest friends are in town or working. This will ensure that your guests are there when the party is scheduled to begin.

Decide on the food and drinks

Begin by deciding how your guests will eat most of the time and then buy the food you’ll need in the same way. The drinks don’t have to be extravagant – just keep in mind to keep the theme of the party in mind!


In the end, your decorations are some of the most critical elements of your party.

Lock in your party favors now, and start cleaning up

In addition to the other party supplies you’ll need, start now to get rid of some of the extra stuff you’ll collect from your guests – after all, you don’t want souvenirs that end up as weeding beds in the middle of the garden or some dark places.

Picking out and buying party favors shouldn’t take more time than it takes to order great decorations, plan and execute the theme, and preparing a budget for your party.

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