How to Take Care of Your Fashion Accessories

Handbag and accessories

A watch, a bracelet, a pair of sunglasses, pearls, a pair of key chain earrings, a gorgeous belt, a beautiful bag, a thick, thick sweater. How many of us can remember the time we put aside each item to keep, clean, arrange in our closets?

Why you should care about your accessories

Each of those items of extra special ‘bling’ we take for granted today had to be discarded at some point in time, most of us. Even if you were fortunate enough to find a beautiful belt you didn’t wear all the time or a really beautiful purse you held on to only for special occasions if it isn’t suited to the occasion it isn’t likely to be worn. Even if you got a great pair of shoes or a top-quality bag you just didn’t wear, if it isn’t suited to the occasion we won’t wear it, and either we discard it or sell it.

There is no doubt at all that our handbags and other outfit accessories are all subject to high levels of wear and tear that only the best (and certainly the most expensive) can protect.

Even the most beautiful of high-end high street bags will be subject to quite a bit of ‘casual’ wear and tear, from being walked in and from its secret place in the cupboard, or folded and put into the cupboard at the bottom of the wardrobe after each wear. Most of us have more than one handbag, and Refresh-A-Lote or Zara’s are practically in demand at any one time. So, in what follows, hopefully, some of us will be able to find some inspiration for our high street adventures!

A clutch bag

A clutch bag is a small bag, usually, big enough that you only really need to carry a wallet and maybe a mat hold which might be enough for a girl’s night out. These bags have just about all the features you would expect: wards, keys and sometimes a mobile phone.

They might be small, but as all their uses and versatility tell us, they are built for practicality and comfort.

Pouches are meant to carry further, they usually have a compartment built into the side. They also usually have a long strap to enable you to wear them across your body rather than on your shoulder. Often you’ll find them made from leather or often, like the 1920’s designs, they are made from Egyptian Waxed Cotton.

On the other hand, the Clutch is a bag whose design and style depends entirely on its wearer. They are designed to be worn across the body or on the shoulder and are typically small, often with a handle, and worn diagonally across the top of the body. They are extremely flexible and often useful for evening functions.

Most bags are unisex and can be designed for both men and women. Unlike the typical ‘clutch’ bag which is reserved for evening or ‘black tie’ events, a man’s bag tends to be much more functional for its intended purpose: functionality. Additionally, it tends to be a less expensive, manner option.

Certain options bring together both fashion and functions

Hobo Handbags are a classic example of this, they are small, stylish, and cover the whole range of age and have been embraced by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Price. Splash a dash of Fun and front of the latest styles, flirty and girlie, is the clutch bag. These have straps and hands, although not long straps, they are curved and small and, what’s more, they are decorated with decorative beads. These are ideal for dancing, and they move well below the arm. The design of a clutch bag allows you to add or take away to suit the current mood. A clutch bag does have a very feminine feel; however, is does work well for any given function.

For a more substantial bag that is of greater utility and offers a different style of dressing, choose a Tote. These bags are designed to carry many items with them, large and small. They are made of durable fabrics that can be used for day to day use and are perfect for ‘outdoors’ or ‘royal’ events. They are often simply a large bag, simply because their utility requires that they be large. With the variety of Tote handbag styles, there is no place you’d rather hide your ‘bling while still being fashionable!

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