Holiday Giveaways – An Unforgettable Experience

Holiday Giveaways

Because the holiday season is coming up we are all preparing for it. We have to send out invitations, buy beautiful things for ourselves and our loved ones. Since so many people seem to be meeting up and changing their lives for the holidays it is a good idea to work with a few others that are introducing holiday giving. Involved in the holiday giving a few weeks ago, I wanted to share a little about my experiences for the holidays.

Making gifts is always a pleasure

There was a woman who I know who has been giving handmade gifts for over 15 years. Over the years as the gifts improved she had raised several families by hand sewing and selling her hand-made items. This love of working with her hands took her to a small local business that now has two stores, and she has a charity website. In her travels, she joined a knitting group where she learned how to make crochet scarves and also quilts that her children and grandchildren enjoy.

She also began to write her series of books that began when she was an adult and where she talks about the unusual family she has. As that time passed she has published two, three, and four books. The books she has written are detailed at each step of the process. She even goes into several details of the handmade gifts she has created in her books. From the preparation of the recipe and the final product to the shipping of the items and the sales tax.

She knows how much she has helped others and how much she loves to share her knowledge with others. She does not have a formal business but is involved in a few consignment sales. She builds or finds them and then will sell them so they will become available. In many cases, she does not even gain money from the sales, but for some of her work, she will, and then it is a wonderful story of a handmade gift.

Another lady is known as the Quilting Queen of the East who has taken over two quilting bee groups. She has her website, and also a group of other quilting queen has many wonderful products, and she lives in Northern California. She has so much knowledge about quilting and handmade products, and she enjoys seeing everyone else grows to love them as much as she does.

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