History of Fashion

Stylish woman next to car on the beach

Fashion has been around since the time art was invented. Fashion represents the craving of all human beings for getting along to live the luxuries we have today. We have to realize that the craze of fashion does not only belong to some specific nation, sex, or age. It is a global thing. Fashion has taken the entire world by storm.

Different types of fashion

Fashion is not restricted to only wear clothes. It is all about how you carry yourself and your appearance. Your mode of dressing, as well as the accessories you carry, are significant in expressing your identity. There are various kinds of fashion like sport, streetwear, haute couture, and designer fashion.

A brief history of fashion

Fashion has been serving people, both men, and women, from all walks of life and cultures. Egyptians used to be well dressed, but they lost their taste and preferences for that attire. Today, fashion is influencing the lives of people in all the countries of the world. Fashion is now the largest-circulating form of communication. Media has not only become a medium for spreading news and ideas but also provided the world with fashion inspiration. Most magazines, websites, and TV serials are now following different fashion styles, and most of the time they are sources of inspiration for many people. The basics of fashion rest on four feet: shoes, men’s and women’s wear, celebrity, and sport. Fashion icons move on this fast, and new trends take over the industry very quickly. The industry is Fermenting what is inside the room, feeding the world with Fermenting images 24/7, whether it is on fashion or anything else.

Celebrities and sport

Celebrities are considered as the big influencers, but they are only the manifestations of what a particular sport has. The sports all have their350 million viewers, or roughly 70 percent of the viewing audience, every year. Many popular sports have served as influences to the world’s most famous: soccer, tennis, swimming, cycling, etc. Not to mention, lots of world-famous brands come from sports like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, Nike, Fendi, Jordan, McLaren, and many others.

Sport acts as a mirror of society. What is society thinking at the moment? What are people wearing? Fashion comes to our window displays and our minds on the street and becomes an example for everyone. Sport and fashion are starting to meet again, but first, socialites began to wear sports-inspired outfits like sexy sports shoes, sports bras, sports watches, and so on. Then, brands started to appear.

Sport spares us lots of money, but our clothes also lead a key role in the life of a person, although they do not determine social trends, they also give us a sensible choice which one to select. Clothes express the inner things of an individual, portray our personal Essex and originals. At the same time, clothes inspire our deepest aspirations, and some clothes are symbols of our grits and merits. Clothes are collections of emotions that depend on the environment to fulfill our needs.

Sports also guide us in choosing the right clothes. The physical exercises motivate us to wear lightweight clothes, such as bikini, and long sleeve shirts. What is more, some physical activities or sports require you to adopt a specific dressing pattern. A lot of women prefer to emerge in shape so that they can flaunt their amazing curves and try different outfits. Similarly, different sports also give us a chance to explore a different dressing pattern; generally, there is no standard and universal pattern. What is important is that we understand the significance of sports in our lives. Sport is also our chance to explore our selves as well as our courage.

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