Motivation – Daily Motivation Quotes to Keep You on Track

Daily Motivation Quotes

These are my daily motivation quotes. They may not be what you agree with and don’t everybody agree with them. I know why.
I want to give you quotes so you think about them and answer the questions of what they mean and how there is an answer to what is going on in your life.
Stay tuned, as we continue to talk about motivation and direction, along with examples you can use for your situation.
Today, I have this sign in my office when I am trying to answer much health, weight, nourishment, financial, time, stress, and success related questions that come from time to time. It is a great motivator for me, I hope it is for you.

Keep on track

If I get an answer yes to a question I did not ask, the answer is obviously no, because I did not ask the question well enough, or I forgot the importance of the question and what I was asking about.
It’s OK, and those are just the first couple of questions I need to ask.
Anyone who knows me knows that I am an optimist. I cannot tolerate a negative answer, so I have often had to deal with someone who just gives me more negative than they are telling me their true essence.
When I do that, I make a big mistake, because sometimes it is less important to know the answer, and more important to know where you are going, is part of what we need to take away, from this conference, or this book, or this other presentation.
I get quite rigid, and say things with a “this will not work” attitude. In that, there is a genuine positivity, and almost an open mind to all of it, and then a general breakdown, or something else is no other than negative.
That is my situation on all the days I go to the conference. Now some of the people there feel sorry for me. Some of the people have given me advice, but I have learned to shy away from it. Some of the people have been pretty negative, and it would take something like a fired-up style to listen to you.
Well if you listen very carefully, the truth is you want to get some of that advice in your head, you should listen so that you can make your own decisions, and that you can make the right ones for yourself.
Do you need what I call a “yes answer” or do you need to feel the words you are saying?
It is all about your motivation, your how much of yourself is it worth, if you do not feel you are able and worthy, then this is always a huge motivation for you to incorporate into your daily life and resources in the right way.

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