Common Mistakes Women Make With Men When Dating

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When you’re trying to find a man to date, there are certain things you need to avoid if you don’t want to make the mistakes that cause your ex-boyfriend to break up with you or cheating on you. Don’t be dumb. There are common dating mistakes women make, and these nine are more than just important tips you’ll want to make sure you don’t make.

Some tips to remember

Last, even though this is a biggie – spending a lot of your time tricking a guy into spending money on you, eating at fancy restaurants, going to fancy nightclubs, buying things, hanging on chit chats, using sex, behaving in certain ways that cause a man to think you’re a broad-based, you’re better off to shelf that kind of stuff. You can screw up at this stage, you don’t need to screw up.

When you start dating a new guy, keep in mind all the time you spend fooling yourself. Telling yourself you are a broad-based is not the way to start dating a guy. You have to learn how to value yourself, and often, the best way is to become “self-worth” conscious. You then won’t need to be accepting of a man if you’re not feeling that way yourself.

So, avoid the mistakes women make like spending all your time talking about yourself, advising the guy how to date you, buying things for you, behaving in a certain way, acting in a way that leaves you wanting to get out of there.

Instead, talk about him, ask about him, let him talk about himself, and share of yourself. Men love listening to women, especially when he’s trying to learn something about you. Let the conversation be about him.

I also don’t recommend getting involved with a guy just because you want to get a boyfriend. If you’re looking for a boyfriend, that’s great, but don’t get emotionally attached to a guy too fast. I caution to take it slow and very steady.

Again, this sounds almost like an infection. Don’t go too far, however. You should be polite, friendly, and very friendly. Men do sometimes think that they can walk all over a woman, and she wouldn’t notice it for a long time, which is false.

It will only be a matter of time before he captures you. If you want to get something meaningful started, go a step further and show him some pep and consideration. He may have found a sweet appealing, but other men may find it irritating. Depend on him, praise him, and let him know in no uncertain terms that you think he is terrific.

Leave him alone with his emotions, usually for a while.

Usually, men go through what could be called the “shirt window” and he will be able to tell within a subtle question which of you he loves more. With time you will get to find out how he feels about you.

Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus. There is absolutely no proof that you can learn each other’s ways. It may even be a smart thing to hold back on having sex for a while because it will make you better equipped for what’s to come.

To go no further than this, answer the bell

If you want to break up with a guy, be very sure and let him know that you are doing it in a dignified way. Make him feel that he is the one who will feel bad about the breakup. He may say he has wondered or felt utter sizes. Yes, he may, but he will always suspect that it was you.

Look at other relationships going on, and this will help you to determine who is ready for what. Yes, you may be with someone physically, but what he sees in you is not what he wants.

If you are ready to go, ask him to. It is better to break it off now that then later on. Tell him it will be hard, but he needs to do it. Be very sure you want to go, hurt him all that he can, but know that he will only become heartbroken. Make him glad that is it. Beating heartbreak is not easy, and he will have some decision to make, whether he is ready or not. He won’t mind it’s a necessity.

If you are sure that you want to seek the greener pastures of dating life, then start being a person, that one cannot live without. Start being the person that he was made for. Start being the one that he falls in love with, but remember that your past should not be a standard by which your future

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