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Having Healthy and Safe Pregnancy

Pregnant woman and her daughter

What does “healthy and safe” really mean? Every parent wants to give their child the safest possible start in life. With modern technology has come great strides to make sure that babies are not born with birth defects or other unsavory conditions. “Safe” can encompass a whole host of problems, including but not limited to; not having to watch the baby until it is born, abbreviated early rupture of membranes (EROS), c-section, abortion, deformed babies, premature babies, and many, many others. Continue reading…

Holiday Giveaways – An Unforgettable Experience

Holiday Giveaways

Because the holiday season is coming up we are all preparing for it. We have to send out invitations, buy beautiful things for ourselves and our loved ones. Since so many people seem to be meeting up and changing their lives for the holidays it is a good idea to work with a few others that are introducing holiday giving. Involved in the holiday giving a few weeks ago, I wanted to share a little about my experiences for the holidays. Continue reading…