History of Fashion

Stylish woman next to car on the beach

Fashion has been around since the time art was invented. Fashion represents the craving of all human beings for getting along to live the luxuries we have today. We have to realize that the craze of fashion does not only belong to some specific nation, sex, or age. It is a global thing. Fashion has taken the entire world by storm. Continue reading…

Curly Hair Styles

Woman with Curly Hair Style

Have you ever wondered how those girls at the grocery store manager to keep those styles constant, or how in the world those boys can look like they’re sporting a new era’s styles when they are sporting a decades-old look? Continue reading…

Deck Shoes – A Comprehensive Guide

Deck Shoes on the man

Deck shoes have been around since the 16th century. They are also called rain boots or deck shoes. However, these shoes are more commonly known to everyone now as summer shoes. Since you can easily wear them in the summer season, you always have a way to impress people. However, keep in mind that they are not designed for strong winds or even water. They are good only for fashion and hand-to-mouth purposes. Since these shoes are now becoming a trend, there are abundant of them in the market. Furthermore, increasing the popularity of them, there are also more and more suppliers of these shoes. However, some people now have a problem with the way they wear these shoes. Some are even considering to write a complaint letter to the manufacturers of these shoes, in case something goes wrong with it. Continue reading…