2 Steps to Deal With The Time Bandits

pocket watch in the sand

Time Bandits appear like friendly neighbors eager to greet you when you least expect them. They’re your usual hustle and bustle colleagues, friends and family, fellow drivers, fellow customers, sometimes your spouse. Them combatants chewing uptime and are ever so there is no escape do this work, leaving no time for play or hobbies. Time Bandits are agents to you to make extra money with a job well done. They’re like roaches or maggots, put-upon. They just sap away time. So, what can you do?

Two steps to follow

1. Try new strategies for time management. Time is the great equalizer. It doesn’t matter where you start from, whether you’re in the middle class or the bottom depending on your background. Everyone has the same amount of time, and everyone has made the same amount of money. How then can a person maximize not only income but time? Try different strategies to accomplish the majority of a standard week. You are most likely obsessed with one time of the day like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Do you find yourself doing junk work late at night, rather than spending time with family? You may see a counselor to help you right the way. You may write daily messages or letters to your family. You may just start at housework and deal with that all-important housework each day every day. It would work! The trick is to do this on many days-but not as many as you do on anyone, say morning, lunch, dinner, late at night, evening. Welcome to the world of change.

2. Time today is not at all what you would choose to do in the future. Your future is what you make of today’s time. Yesterday is gone. It’s no longer a benefit to you. The future is what you create through what you now have. TIME is a contributory factor to your bending, changing, and growing continually. The Gift of Time is what we all have and where all the time is. Whether we are speaking of a project plan, a business plan, the goal of life, or an idea, it all belongs to you, and it’s only a matter of obtaining and using it. Time is a valuable tangible and non- replicated commodity.

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